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Our Goals 

Independent insurance agents are very well trained and knowledgeable of the complexities of the risk management and insurance industry. Unfortunately, learning about this type of career path, as well as learning and mastering the skills involved, can be difficult for those interested in becoming an independent agent. The IIAFSA has been organized to provide scholarships and educational programs on these topics to high schools, universities and adults throughout San Antonio.

Our Initiatives

  • Developing a state certified high school insurance curriculum with the National Alliance
  • Building a pipeline for college students into the risk management and insurance industry
  • Working with Veteran Transitioning Organizations that help veterans find civilian work upon retiring from the military
  • Correcting any misinformation that's spread about the risk management and insurance industry

Our Supporters 

Receiving industry support is our lifeblood. Our job is to refresh and invigorate the independent insurance industry and we cannot do this without industry support.

IIAFSA is very grateful of all the companies that support us in promoting the insurance industry. These influencers are an integral part of IIAFSA's professional community.

Call to Action

The vision of the IIAFSA is to be a part of filling the 400,000 insurance jobs that will become available in the next few years. We want to create a rifle focus toward educating our local high school and college students and veterans about the risk management and insurance industry. We will accomplish that effort by providing the student with scholarship dollars for a risk management and insurance curriculum.

We need your donations to create working capital, scholarships, and endowments. Your donations will make a difference in the future of our industry.