Benefits of Joining IIASA

We help people be better at their most important work — here are some of the tools we use to act on our mission

Education & 501c3

Complimentary CE classes, educational programs for focusing on colleges high schools & veterans to provide the skills and training to become and independent agent

Private Counseling

Private counseling at no extra charge for members. This is great for new businesses!

Monthly Luncheons

Receive a discount on our monthly luncheons that feature renown industry speakers and community leaders

Networking Events

Our annual Trade Show and Big I golf tournament where the whole of SA insurance comes together for good food, live entertainment, golf and comradery

Member Directory

We have over 160 different company contacts that are specific to the insurance industry!


ELITExas chapter for emerging leaders under 40. We host events, educational seminars and leadership programs for aspiring professionals

Monthly Newsletters

The atmosphere in San Antonio is changing very quickly. We make sure to keep you up-to-date with all local news relevant to insurance

Promoting the Independent Agent

We are a nonprofit trade association that educates and develops the local independent insurance agent. We are dedicated to publishing best practices and following the news that effects the insurance industry.

Upcoming Events




April 4, 2019

2019 Trade Fair - Boots & Brews

Our Trade Fair is one of the best ways for your agency to find new markets and stay highly competitive with the local market! Join us for boot, brews and business at our 2019 Trade Fair!

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Internship and Mentoring Program

If you're thinking about hiring an intern or would like to become a mentor you're in luck! St Mary’s and UTSA students are looking for internships and jobs. The IIASA has made a commitment to these schools to work with their students to increase their knowledge of and interest in a career in the insurance industry. Contact us to learn more about this program!

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